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The Sugar Society is a sugar waxing and organic airbrush tanning salon in Austin, TX dedicated to providing pristine beauty services for a self-care experience that is simply unsurpassed. We want our guests to leave our doors with the most powerfully positive self-image possible!

We are honest, passionate, and always striving to be our absolute best. We take pride in our beauty services and dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of mastery. We provide our clients with services that help them unlock their fullest potential.


Unlike traditional waxing, sugaring does not require paper strips. The aesthetician smoothes the paste onto the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth and lets it sit for a few seconds and then flicks it off in the direction of the hair growth, which helps prevent breakage and ingrown hairs. Sugar pulls the hair from the root, which allows it to become finer over time. Clients who sugar regularly can expect to see a reduction in the density and volume of hair that grows back.

The sugar will only bind to hair and dead skin cells. This means there is less risk of trauma to the skin and reduces the risk of hair breakage.

The service provider will apply the sugar in the opposite direction of hair growth. However, it is removed in the direction of hair growth in small, quick pulls. This also helps to reduce hair breakage and prevent ingrown hair.

Sugar pulls hair from the root, so the results will last longer. Additionally, when the hair grows back, it is much finer.

We ask that you have at least a grain of rice sized hair to work with. Longer is fine, but any shorter and the sugar will not grab it.

Simple. It contains sugar, lemon, and water. The ingredients are warmed together to form a honey-like consistency and applied to the skin in this form.

Yes! No strips needed. The paste is made of sugar, lemon, and water. It is so clean; you can eat it!

Absolutely. At the Sugar Society, our most popular combination is a Brazilian sugar followed by an airbrush tan. Save 10% if booked together.


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Sugar paste does not stick to the top layer of skin. It adheres to hair and dead skin cells so there's less risk of hair breakage and skin irritation.



Tan in comfort with our expert tanning technicians. Have a special event coming up? We highly recommend a trial tan before the big day.



According to a survey by Braun, about 62% of men now manscape regularly, So, what are you waiting for? Click here to see more in detail.

Beautiful salon, super friendly and professional staff, clean and comfortable waxing room with TV where you can pick your show. They offer numbing spray and a cleansing wipe before a wax. Very relaxing and pampering experience. Will be scheduling recurring sugar wax appointments. Thank you!! -Paige S.