What is Manscaping?

Male grooming, or otherwise known as “manscaping” is not a new thing. What is manscaping? First, it is a humorous term that blends the words man and landscaping. It denotes the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic purposes via methods like waxing, shaving … or better yet, SUGARING!

Many men find it a great way to remove unwanted hair on areas like their chest, back, forearms and even, their private area. Think of it as a male Brazilian or a “boyzilian”. Similar to a Brazilian for females, the Boyzilian efficiently and permanently eliminates the hair around the pubic area (both the front and back areas). While this is a beauty treatment that has been associated with women for a long time, more men are getting on board and booking as well!

Is Manscaping a good idea? We say yes! There are several reasons why we believe every man should manscape. One, you will find that you look and feel better and more confident when those hairy situations are kept at bay. Two, many male clients tell us that they feel cleaner when they are hair-free.

Additionally, men find less shaving rash and ingrown hairs that result from waxing or shaving painful and downright annoying. Therefore, by sugaring the area, there is less pain. Say goodbye to shaving rash or unsightly ingrown hairs plus the infection related to them. And, with the added benefit from sugaring whereby the hair regrowth is much finer than originally, and softer than if the regrowth is from waxing or shaving, men find the initial regrowth stage more tolerable.

Whether it is for aesthetic or for personal hygiene, hair removal procedures are far more long-lasting in comparison to shaving, waxing, or trimming so it is simply the best option if you are looking for effective results. According to a survey by Braun, about 62% of men now manscape regularly, with those that do saying it makes them feel cleaner, sexier and also enhances the appearance of their muscle. So, what are you waiting for?