Brows & Lashes

Try a Brow Tint or Henna Brow! Brow tinting gives your brows that extra WOW needed to frame your face.

These are temporary fixes for anyone who needs a little extra love in the brow area. Here at The Sugar Society, we have colors ranging from light brown to black. Let us help you perfect your shade!

Want to be more daring? Try a Henna Brow. We chose wisely when selecting this product.  Supercilium is natural and aims to keep products organic & close to their roots. Here are the benefits of Brow Henna and why it is the leading trend in cosmetics right now:

Let us help you choose the color that looks the best with your skin tone and hair color.

Quality Investment
Since the color is easily adjusted, we will work with you to ensure total satisfaction.

Pain-Free Brows
Think of fabulous semi-permanent colored brows without lengthy or painful treatment. By using Supercilium Brow Henna, we can introduce you to the results of microblading or other permanent brow treatments, but without the pain. Brow Henna will last approximately 3-6 weeks depending on lifestyle.

All Natural
This formula is made from 88% all-natural henna. Not mixed with any harmful ingredients for the skin and hairs.

Lash Tint
Want the drama without lash extensions? Try tinting your lashes. It lasts up to 6 weeks and we have many colors to choose from.

Lash Lift
At The Sugar Society, we like to create the illusion of having more lashes with this detailed service. Think of a lash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes. A lift simply alters the shape of your natural lashes. The treatment involves “boosting and lifting each individual lash, creating longer-looking lashes. Your eyelashes will look fuller when they are curled. This is a semi-permanent beauty procedure. A lash lift will last will approximately 2 months. Simply add a tint to this really accentuate your eyes.